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is incomplete without a visit to the Normandy landing beaches because of their rich past. The beaches evoke memories of the Battle of Normandy that took place during the Second World War. The five beaches each have a unique story to tell those that take their time to visit the various sites and museums that are spread across them.

Places to visit on the Landing Beaches

The five beaches of Juno, Sword, Utah, Gold, and Omaha are rich in sites that give visitors a chance to learn more about World War II. Here are some of the sites that bring to mind the intensity of the war and its impact on the military and civilians.

British War Cemetery

The many British war cemeteries on the landing beaches are a testament to the massive involvement in the war. The cemeteries are spread all over the beaches and vary regarding the timelines within which the soldiers were buried. Visitors get to learn about the number of graves in each cemetery to help them understand the intensity of the war.

Museum of the Liberation of Berjou

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The museum focuses on preserving military memorabilia that were found around the Noireau River after the war. Majority of the documents and objects have been arranged in a manner that allows visitors to follow various happenings during the August battle. Visitors also get to experience temporary exhibitions that give them a chance to interact with the memorabilia at close range.

Museum of the Crisbecq Battery

The museum is spread over five acres and offers visitors a chance to interact with a wide array of army artillery. The museum has a total of twenty-one bunkers and blockhouses that offer a glimpse into the life of the soldiers at that time. Visitors also get to view a wide array of artillery spread over one kilometer.

Memorial to Civilian Life in World War II

Civilians were also affected during the Battle of Normandy with a number of them losing their lives. A visit to the memorial to Civilian Life on the landing beaches makes it possible to understand the impact of the war on them. The memorial includes a guided tour and educational activities that help visitors interact with items such as vehicles and personal objects of those that inhabited the area during that time.

Overall, Normandy landing beaches are a "must visit" for visitors looking to learn more about the impact of World War II in France.